Welcome Letter

Dear colleagues and friends,

To date “HydroMediT” is being established as one of the major International Congresses on novel scientific and technological trends and aspects on Aquatic Living Resources and Oceanography in our region, covering the Mediterranean and its adjacent Seas.

It is organized biannually by a highly dedicated Committee on behalf of the:

  • Department of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment (DIAE), University of Thessaly
  • Department of Marine Sciences (DMS), University of the Aegean
  • Department of Animal Production, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department (DAPFA), University of Patras
  • Panhellenic Society of Technologists Ichthyologists (PASTI)

Our 4th Congress (HydroMediT 2020) would have been hosted in Mytilini, Island of Lesvos, Hellas (http://www.mytilene.gr/), in the premises of the University of the Aegean, with a series of National and International stakeholders as Co-Organizers, Supporters and Sponsors. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has led the Congress organizers to postpone the event and res-schedule this virtually this year on 4-6 November 2021.

The general fields and the specific topics of the Congress will attract contributions from all over the Mediterranean and its adjacent seas, and their list can be viewed in full on the Congress website, which is updated regularly.

There is an outstanding set of Keynote Speakers from many fields of the Fisheries, Oceanography, Marine Ecology, Aquaculture and Seafood supply Industry, Aquatic Environment as well as Government Agencies, Environmental Bodies, and Biodiversity Scientists. We have joined our forces and resources in order to host a series of high-profile panel discussions on the encountered thematic and parallel sessions of the Congress. Furthermore, our Congress provides an ideal forum for interactions between Scientists, Regulators, Industry Stakeholders, and the concerned General Public, and has already attracted pivotal support from a range of delegates and interested groups.

The main topic of the 4th Congress (HydroMediT 2021) “Aquatic Living Resources, Conservation and Oceanography in an Era of Change”, highlights the changes and the impact on the aquatic ecosystems and their resources. Policy Makers, Industry players, Scientists, and Conservationists shall work together as they are all determined to deal with the challenges for the sustainability of the aquatic environment and its living resources in a changing world.

The main Keynote Speaker of the Congress will be the distinguished Professor ALBERTO BASSET of the University of Salento, addressing on “Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital of the Mediterranean Transitional Ecosystems”, and the different sessions will run from Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th November 2021.

If you are a relevant stakeholder, this is an excellent opportunity to take part in the debate and help us to form a solid scientific opinion on our theme and explore its technological applications. We would welcome your participation and encourage you to register as our Delegate via the main Congress website. Alternatively, you may wish to support our effort as an Exhibitor or Sponsor and we invite you to view our sponsorship prospectus.

For the Organizing Committee of the Congress


Chairman of the Congress

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