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About Mytilene


Mytilene is the capital and main port of Lesvos located on the eastern coast of the island, opposite the shores of Turkey. It is built amphitheatrically between seven beautiful verdant hills which end to the natural port. The town consists of old neighborhoods and picturesque suburbs, whereas the interesting structures and the archaeological monuments witness the rich heritage of the island.

It was a significant cultural center of intellect during ancient times, where the renowned Philosophical Academy taught by Epicurus and Aristotle was located. With a rich culture dating back to the 7th century BCE, it boasts a high legacy throughout the ages. From the “Father of Greek Music,” Terpander, mentor to Sophocles and Alcaeus, and the famous lyric poet Sappho, known as the “Tenth Muse” according to Plato, to iconic figures of the 20th century like the eminent Nobel prize winner (1979), Odysseas Elytis.

Dominating the old town is the imposing temple of Saint Therapon (1850), the largest church on the island with a colossal dome reaching a height of 40m. Visit the old market on Ermou Street and the surrounding alleys, where the atmosphere is particularly picturesque. You can explore museums such as the Archaeological Museum, featuring mosaic floors and frescoes, and the Byzantine-Ecclesiastical Museum, which houses rare Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, sacred vessels, and silverware.

Cafes and taverns are found along the waterfront with stunning view to the sea and scrumptious dishes from the local cuisine of Lesvos.

Mytilene, in its own peculiar way, manages to preserve the authenticity of an old-fashioned Greek island holding a perfect balance between its natural beauty and rich history. The Fragrant Lesvos, as it is called, with its scenic villages to its diamond-like shores and delicious cuisine, still exudes the strong aroma of genuine Greek island life.

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