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Fields of Interest

Main Topic of Congress


Integrating Research and Scientific Collaboration to Foster Sustainability of the Blue Economy


General Fields of Interest

Field 1st: Aquaculture
New Species, Farming Methods and Techniques
Nutrition and Welfare
Physiology of aquatic organism
Reproduction of aquatic organism
“Omics” technologies
Diseases of Aquatic Animals
Sustainable and Organic Aquaculture
Field 2nd: Fisheries
Fisheries Policy and Sustainable Management
Innovative Fisheries Technology
Marine Fisheries Resources
Species Biology and Ecology
Field 3rd: Oceanography
Physics and Climate of the Ocean
Marine Biogeochemistry
Marine Geosciences
Marine Microbiology and Biotechnology

Field 4th: Marine Diversity and Conservation
Ecology, Biogeography and Diversity
Invasive Species Biology
Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics of Marine Organisms
Marine Conservation Planning
Field 5th: Inland Aquatic Ecology and Resources
Ecology and Hydrology
Wetlands and Aquatic Systems Management
Modelling and Monitoring of Aquatic Ecosystems
Field 6th: Processing of Aquatic Products
Processing of Products and Quality
Product Control & Microorganisms Risk Assessment
Hygiene of Products and Consumer’s Safety
Product Authentication and Certification
Field 7th: Economics and Marketing of Fisheries and Aquatic Products
Fisheries Socio-Economics
Fisheries and Aquatic Products Marketing
Competitiveness of Fisheries Products
Financial Sustainability of Sector Enterprises
Field 8th: Environmental Management and Ocean Literacy
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Sustainable water resources management
Monitoring Ecosystem Health
Environmental Management Systems
Ocean Literacy - Education for the Marine Environment
Citizen Science
Field 9th: Blue Economy and Governance
Marine Policy and Governance
Innovative Biotechnological Applications and Products
Marine Protected Areas and Blue Governance
Ecotourism (fishing tourism, diving tourism, bird watching, etc)
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