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Greek Chairmanship of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative


A.I.I. is an intergovernmental regional cooperation organization whose Permanent Secretariat is based in Ancona, Italy. It focuses on addressing common problems of the Adriatic and Ionian countries, with an emphasis on the protection of the natural environment and sustainable development. It consists of 10 countries, of which 4 are EU member states (Greece, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Republic of North Macedonia, San Marino). It operates through the Adriatic-Ionian Chambers of Commerce Forum, the Adriatic and Ionian Cities Forum and the Adriatic-Ionian University Network.

In 2014, the European Commission prepared a new “European Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region” (EUSAIR). A.I.I. operates, alongside EUSAIR, based on five Pillars: 1. Blue Growth, 2. Connecting the Region, 3. Environmental Quality, 4. Sustainable Tourism, 5. Social Cohesion & Welfare (new pillar). The actions take the form of a Round Table or Conference, with the aim of connecting representatives of Civil Society with Experts from the Academic Community, the Private Sector and the Public Administration.

On May 15, 2024, Greece took over from Croatia the threefold rolling annual Chairmanship (1/6/2024-31/5/2025) of the Adriatic & Ionian Initiative (AII), the European Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region (EUSAIR), and the Inter-University Cooperation (UniAdrion) (organisational responsibility of the University of Ioannina).

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