he organizers of the HydroMediT 2021 have made an arrangement to create a themed ‘proceedings’ Collection at PeerJ. PeerJ is a respected open access publisher in the biological, medical, environmental and computer sciences, and more information about them can be found at:

PeerJ peer-reviews only for scientific and methodological soundness, and they currently get first decisions back to authors in a median of ~27 days. Any publication in the peer-reviewed journal would be subject to their normal publication fees (see and peer-review process (i.e. acceptance by the conference does not guarantee acceptance by the journal).

Instructions to submit a peer-reviewed article:

1) Create a free account in PeerJ at follow the steps to activate your account;

2) Once your account is activated, click “My Manuscripts” and “Submit Article” (or click on;

3.1) Start the submission by choosing “Life, Biological, Environmental and Health Sciences” as the research area

3.2) Check the journal’s author guidelines ( and;

3.3) Choose “Peer-Reviewed Article” as the article type;

4) Start your submission and follow the steps;

5) There is a “Notes for PeerJ Staff” field – in that field you should also mention that this submission is intended for the HydroMediT 2021 Collection

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