The organizers of the HydroMediT 2021 have made an arrangement to create a themed ‘proceedings’ Collection at:

  1. PeerJ Life & Environment is a highly respected Open Access journal publishing research in the biological, medical and environmental sciences. Any submission to the HydroMediT 2021 collection would undergo peer-review at the journal (i.e. acceptance by the conference does not guarantee acceptance by the journal) and would be subject to their normal publication fees if accepted (see “
  1. Aquaculture International (Journal of the European Aquaculture Society)
  1. MDPI. Special issue “Selected papers from HydroMediT 2021: Applied Ichthyology, Oceanography and Aquatic Environment”.  Joint special issue of Conservation ( and Sustainability (

Instructions to submit an article for peer review:

1) Head to

2) Under “Select Journal” choose  “Life, Biological, Environmental and Health Sciences”

3) Follow the instructions on the submission form

4) In the Confidential Notes for PeerJ Staff box towards the end of the submission form, please include “Submitted to the HydroMediT 2021 Collection

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